Difference Between MIS and AIS Both MIS and AIS are information systems based on computers that are very…

Difference Between MIS and AIS

Both MIS and AIS are information systems based on computers that are very helpful for organizations towards keeping their records properly. The huge collection of information about different aspects of organization that comes from various sources gets collected and processed by the computers which turn up with a detailed report that helps in organization, evaluation and in smooth operations. MIS or Management Information System is an invaluable asset for any organization to perform properly and it has important information that is utilized in the process of evaluation of previous decisions and in the making of relevant and sensible plans for future success of the operations. AIS or Accounting Information System is a division of MIS and is all about a system of maintaining the entire accounting, sales and purchase records, financial statements, and other transactions. It is very helpful in organizing the account system in an organization. It is true that AIS is very helpful in judging the previous performances and it plays a vital part is deciding the actions the future projects. However the financial information is not enough to maintain the success of any operation. Any management needs information that AIS simply cannot provide. Information like market research, sales forecasting, warehouse planning, production planning, etc are extremely important for every organization nowadays.  Unlike AIS who is not capable to generate such details, MIS can easily do so. The mode of operation of AIS is all about the collection and storage of data and producing computer aided results utilized by internal management of an organization and people like investors and creditors as well. AIS is also done with traditional pen and paper however electronically it is a very complex system that fuses the traditional accounting methods and the latest technology to provide financial solutions that is used by the internal management.


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