MIS vs. DSS vs. EIS

Difference Between MIS and DSS and EIS Today all the corporate organizations use different kinds of information systems.…

Difference Between MIS and DSS and EIS

Today all the corporate organizations use different kinds of information systems. MIS, DSS and EIS the most popular information systems which are completely computer based. It is very difficult to choose a particular type of system because each organization has different type of operational requirement in terms of information system.

Let us know about these three systems and find out their suitability for different organizations.

MIS is Management Information System and is known as the main system because it can control and maintain other information systems. Employees are the most important element of this system and it involves the management of the internal information of the businesses and management of the functions of the employees and relating both these with each other.  MIS is helpful in all the operational areas of a business.

DSS is Decision Support system and this helps in right decision making for any business. Decision making is   a process that involves consideration of all the aspects of a business including the operations, activities, planning, forecasts and management of different functions in an organization.  DSS is helpful for the senior management which needs data to be available instantly while making decisions and executing them with perfection.  The only drawback of DSS is that it cannot handle large amount of data.

EIS is Executive Information System and this system also helps managers in decision making. This system is more reliable than other systems and works even when other systems fail.  This is adopted by small and large business because of this reliability and the ability to store huge amount of data. This system is also for supporting the senior managers in taking good decisions.

The major difference between these three systems is that MIS is for taking care of documentation and work related to internal operations while DSS is for providing required data to all the employees including senior managers, in running daily activities smoothly. EIS is for supporting senior level managers in taking decisions.

These systems are related to each other and complement each other. MIS is used for all the documentation work and this is used by EIS and DSS. DSS and EIS, further provide the data and information critical for decision making. MIS is used by higher and middle level management while DSS is used by all the levels of organization and it uses internal and external information. EIS is little complicated than MIS and DSS.



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