Mission vs. Goal

Difference Between Mission and Goal Mission and goal seem to be similar words. Therefore a lot of people…

Difference Between Mission and Goal

Mission and goal seem to be similar words. Therefore a lot of people get confused when they use these words interchanging them for one another. Both mission and goal refer to an aim in life. However there is ample difference between these two words. Let us discuss the difference between them.

Imagine, a person is playing a game of baseball. His ultimate aim would be to win the match. To win a match for the team would be called a mission. He would require scoring the points to fulfill the mission. But it should be understood that merely achieving the points may not fulfill the mission. In the same manner, if the player fails to get the points, he would not fulfill the mission. And even if he fails to get points at one or more times, it may be possible that the mission would be fulfilled. Condition is that he should be able to achieve enough points.

There are many small goals to be achieved before achieving a bigger goal which is called a mission. Thus, a mission comprises a number of small goals. These goals are to be achieved to achieve the final mission. In the game explained above, the points secured by a player are small goals which lead to the winning of the team which is a mission for a player. A person may have a number of goals to be achieved in life. For example, as a child one has a goal to complete the education up to a particular level, as a young, one has marrying and finding a job is a goal. For a middle aged man, goal is the marriage of his daughter. Thus goals are different. But mission is only one in life.


Mission is bigger and wider than a goal. Mission is one and final. One has to achieve some definite steps in achieving it. These steps are called goals. Thus goals are milestones in the way of achieving a mission. Mission is more important than goals as explained in the example of the game. Usually, companies declare their mission statement.


Goals are objects to be achieved in the way of achieving a larger mission.  These are easy steps to achieve a final goal which is comparatively hard than a goal.  Goals are always smaller compared to a mission. There may be many goals but there is always a single mission.

You should take care of the difference between goals and mission clearly. There should be no doubt regarding the meaning of the word mission of an organization which is always unique and supreme. It is the sole objective for the achievement of which it works. To achieve its mission, the organization or company devises many plans which are to be achieved. These plans are called goals.


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