Mitsubishi Endeavor vs. XLS Endeavor

The difference between Endeavor and XLS Endeavor Mitsubishi Motors is the sixth largest car manufacturing company in Japan.…

The difference between Endeavor and XLS Endeavor

Mitsubishi Motors is the sixth largest car manufacturing company in Japan. Two of the cars that it produced in the 2000’s were the Endeavor and the XLS Endeavor. Both of these are crossovers, which mean that they combine a passenger vehicle with a sport utility vehicle and are manufactured on a car platform and use various types of combinations.

The Mitsubishi Endeavor

Five people can sit comfortably in this car even with the gears. It is a crossover sport utility vehicle that combines the fuel efficiency of a passenger car with the elevated sitting position traditionally found in sport utility vehicles. This vehicle provides exceptional off-road experience, has a good engine and is attractive on the exterior and the interior. When compared to other crossovers, this model is a better one to buy.

The Mitsubishi XLS Endeavor

This vehicle is a variation of the Endeavor and first came on the market in 2006. It includes the standard feature of its predecessor – side airbags, but it also has more features, such as a stereo system, anti-lock brakes and a navigation system. The first models did include a DVD player in the back seat but this feature was discontinued on this model in 2007.

How the XLS Endeavor differs from the Endeavor

There have been many facelifts in the production of the Endeavor series of Mitsubishi crossover vehicles. It was through such a facelift to the Endeavor that the XLS Endeavor was born. Some of the features on the XLS Endeavor are new to the series of cars. The side airbag was not a standard feature on the Endeavor, but by the time the XLS variation was produced it was standard on all the models.

Since the design of vehicles is constantly changing, individual taste in vehicles is changing along with it. Therefore it is important to scrutinize the design features of any vehicle before you commit to the purchase.


  1. XLS Endeavor is a variation of Endeavor.
  2. Side airbags were a standard feature when the XLS Endeavor was released, but they were not standard when the Endeavor was first introduced to the market.


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