Difference Between MLA and MLC Indian political system is federal. It has a central government as well as…

Difference Between MLA and MLC

Indian political system is federal. It has a central government as well as elected governments in the states. The polity is bicameral at the center as well as state level. That is each has two houses of legislatures. At the center, they are called as Loksabha, the lower house, and the Rajyasabha, the upper house. In the same manner, there are two houses in some states, not in all states, called Vidhan Sabha, the lower house and the Vidhan Parshad, the upper house. The members of the Vidhan Sabha are called MLAs who are directly elected by the people of the state. The members of the Vidhan Parishad are called MLCs. There are many differences between the two.

MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) is directly elected by the people of the constituency where he has fought the election. On the other hand MLC (Member of Legislative Council). He may be appointed by two methods. In one method, he is nominated and in second method he is elected by a restricted electorate like advocates and teachers.

An MLA represents his constituency and works for its development. MLC, on the other hand is mostly selected from experts special people from different walks of life. Another difference is that MLCs are considered as more intellectual than MLAs.

MLA’s from the bills. These bills are deliberated upon by MLC’s. The practice is just as Rajyasabha at the center. MLCs along with MLAs are referred to as state legislature.

MLAs are more powerful when it comes to government formation and majority of any ministry consists of members of legislative assembly (MLAs). One important difference between MLAs and MLCs is regarding their power to vote during vote of confidence. Only MLA’s can participate in it and thus command considerable status in the legislature. It should be noted that all the states in India have no existence of legislative councils. Only a few have this institution.


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