Monitoring vs. Evaluation

Difference Between Monitoring and Evaluation Monitoring and Evaluation are two states of analysis from the point of view…

Difference Between Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation are two states of analysis from the point of view of the progress related with purposes of a firm or a venture. These two states of analysis differ by their way of approach. Monitoring is the systematic analysis of information made from time to time to become familiar with the changes over a particular period.

On the other hand evaluation is the analysis of the effectiveness of an activity which would cause a judgment as in the progress related to the purposes of a company. It is an important difference between monitoring and evaluation.

Monitoring keeps a tab on the process of application of any principles. It is made up of the examination of the progress made in an assignment against time by taking into account performance also. Evaluation is on the other hand made up the estimation of the value of something. It implicates a process of finding facts.

Evaluation can also be explained as the study of past experience when it comes to the performance and the application of the plan of action. Monitoring does not take into account the past experience implicated in the performance of a plan. In short we can say that evaluation aims at the submission of valid information on behavior and impact of the plan of action.

Valuation is made up in the conduction of a study of the effectiveness of plans. On the other hand monitoring is made up of the periodical inspection of progress that has been achieved about the carrying out of plans against targets and previously set goals. It must be understood that monitoring is done with a view to guarantee the accomplishment of plan on time. It is in fact the same purpose of monitoring.

The purpose of monitoring is also in the act of providing creative suggestions. These suggestions can be about the re-programming of a plan if necessary, assigning separate budget to the plan and in fact even re-allocating the personnel to carry out a particular plan.

On the other hand the purpose of evaluation is in fact to get the process of accounting as near as possible to perfection. It is all about making the best use of the available funds, methods to stop the chances of errors, the assessment of the effectiveness of the new techniques used in the accomplishment of plans, the testing of the real advantages of plans and the understanding the participation of people in a venture by means of inquiries, interviews etc. It is true that evaluation aims for the future.


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