Monorail vs. Light Rail

Difference Between Monorail and Light Rail Monorail and Light Rail are transport systems in big cities. They are…

Difference Between Monorail and Light Rail

Monorail and Light Rail are transport systems in big cities. They are rapid transit systems. One who has experienced them knows the difference between the tow and compare them easily. Those who have only seen them in picture cannot know the much difference between them.


Monorail is a fast mode of transportation. It is different from other rail transport systems. As the name suggests, it uses a single rail while a normal rail system uses twin rails. It needs an elevated track on which a train runs without any obstacle. There is no disturbance of traffic of the city. It uses electricity as a mean of energy. It is a very expensive system for a government to establish. Only a few cities in the world have this system. Sydney, Australia is one of them.

Monorail known as magnetic levitation was developed by the Germans. The train on monorail runs at speed of 500km per kilometer. In addition, it is used in amusement parks. Monorail system needs a large infrastructure. As a result it is very expensive. It is used when other viable systems fail to serve the purpose.

Light rail

Like monorail, Light rail is a fast rail system. It is found in many cities of the world. The rail in Light rail system consists a number of cars linked together in a series. It runs at slower speed compared to monorail. Its capacity is lower than monorail. Light rail is somewhat same as the tram system used in cities earlier. It is very useful for those who travel between short distances as the train stops at various points. It is called Light rail because a few passengers can travel in it. The train runs on two rails lying parallel.


Monorail runs on a single track while light rail runs on two tracks. The construction of monorail is more expensive compared to the light rail.  Monorail runs at a greater speed and is ideal for travelling to longer distances. On the other hand light rail moves at slower speeds and suitable for travelling short distances. Monorail is established on an elevated track. On the other hand light rail is made up of a number of cars joined in a series and runs on the ground.


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