Monorail vs. Metro Rail

Difference Between Monorail and Metro Rail Monorail and Metro rail are limited to a few cities of the…

Difference Between Monorail and Metro Rail

Monorail and Metro rail are limited to a few cities of the world. These are the means of transportation. Many people of the world may have not seen them. Both Monorail and Metro Rail are the efficient and fast means of public transport. However both are different in design, cost and infrastructure.

Both the system originated due to congestion of traffic in big cities and due to inefficiency to deal with traditional railway system. In big cities of the world, population has increased many folds. As a result there are problems of traffic. People cannot reach their destination in time. Both monorails and metro rails are helpful in solving this problem. Both the systems are independent system and avoid congestion of road traffic. They run at a very high speed without getting late. So, both are very popular means of public transportation.

Monorail is a transport system which runs on single rail. Metro rail runs on two parallel rails just as traditional rails. Monorail runs on a single line laid on a beam in the air. Metrorail too has an independent rail track but it has two rails and may not be high in the air. The track of monorail is narrower than the train itself. That is what makes a difference.

Monorails were developed in order to connect two places where material must be transported without any delay and obstacle. It originated in the 50’s. However, they could not progress fast because of it high cost and availability of vehicles. First of all Japan developed it further in order to solve the problem of heavy traffic jams. Hundreds of thousand passengers travel in monorail daily in Tokyo. The train is originated in Germany. It is called magnetic levitation as the train looks to be running in the air. There looks a gap between wheels ate the rail. It is the fastest running train in the world. Its speed is 500kmph.

Metro rail is mean of public transport in many big cities of the world. It runs underground, on ground and over the ground. It uses two rails to run. Electricity is used as energy to run it. Some cities of the world which have very successful system of Metro Rail include Shanghai, London, New York, and Delhi. It is called metro as it runs mostly in metro cities of the world.

Both Mono Rail and Metro rails are good and popular means of public transport. Both are helpful in solving the problem of traffic congestion. However there are some technical differences between the two. The major difference between Mono Rail and Metro Rail is regarding their rails. Metro train uses two rails while mono rail uses a single rail. Mono rail uses the principal of magnetic levitation while metro rail uses the traditional approach. However it uses independent line. Metro rails runs slower than monorail.


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