Morals Vs. Ethics

Difference Between Morals And Ethics Ethics and morals are the two different terms whose meaning must be understood…

Difference Between Morals And Ethics

Ethics and morals are the two different terms whose meaning must be understood very carefully. Ethic refers to a defined code of conduct where slightest breaching of it can be unacceptable to some. Adhering to a particular ethic only implies how much he is influenced by a society, nation, or a particular peer group.

Acts leading to violation of ethical codes may often lead to grave punishment. For example fox hunting in England is termed as unethical as law is imposed on them. Till the other day it was not legalized. Ethic may refer to code of conduct in business, profession or in other daily activities. Violation of ethical conduct may lead to termination of his activities in office. Morals on the other hand are something very personal and spiritual. If a person murders another person it is highly violation of one’s moral code of conduct.

Ethics are clearly defined with a set of rules. For instance a doctor always keeps his patient’s secret with him. He knows the penalty for his violation of the ethical code. So also a lawyer never goes into compromise with any of his clients not even seeing to his personal interests.

Ethics have a socially set up guidelines which acts a pathfinder to his actions. Many fall into moral dilemma when for example going for an abortion. Is it right to take a life? or is it that morality permits? But there is no such thing as ethical dilemma.

Ethic is always easier to follow while morals are not easier.

Jain religion is a tougher one to follow as it has some set codes which are very strict. Covering one’s mouth with cloth, not taking anything other than those falls from leaves is a tougher moral to follow.

So morals refer to one’s personal code of conduct.Ethics refer to the accepted norms and behavior that are acceptable to that particular society.


1. Ethics is something to do with society while morality is very personal.

2. Ethics applies more in business and professional life while moral applies to one’s individual life.


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