Mormon Vs. Catholic

Difference Between Mormon And Catholic There is an ample scope of debate as to whether Mormonism is Christianism…

Difference Between Mormon And Catholic

There is an ample scope of debate as to whether Mormonism is Christianism or not. It is true that both are similar; however Protestants and Catholics alike are against the acceptance of Mormons to be Christians. However according to an expert in religion, Mormons can be compared with Christians as Mormonism regard themselves as Christians and they gained recognition in a Christian point of view.

The nickname Mormon indicates then Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Mormons believe in an omnipotent God of love who has all knowledge and swear by Jesus Christ as the Savior of the World. The Mormons are the 4th largest religious section in the US and Catholicism which is under the Bishop’s, Patriarch’s and the Pope’s influence is the oldest Church that was founded by Jesus.

Their point of view about the Holy Trinity is also different. According to the Mormon belief, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are three different individuals who are “one in mission”. The principle of Mormon about Trinity is that a Father, a Son, and a Holy Spirit are three different beings. However the Catholics believe that the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are three similar beings. Secondly The Mormons believe that God- the heavenly father has a physical body and their belief is dependant on passages from bible as in when Stephen saw Jesus standing at the hand of God and when Moses interacted with God standing in front of each other. God here is referred to as’ Heavenly Father’ as he is the Father of our spirits. However it is the belief of the Catholics that God doesn’t have a body and he is Trinitarian. According to them there is only one God who has created the world, is divine and good, omnipotent, and has a chaste spirit.

Their definition of hell is also different. According to the Mormons it is a prison for the repulsive spirits and the wicked souls enter there. According to them, people who behave like Satan and do evil things, end up in hell. According to the Catholics the hell is a place for everlasting torture and who ever end up there becomes distant from God.

The concepts of afterlife also are different in both the cases. According to the Mormons after the death of people they go to the world of spirits and get refined, the good souls go to the spirit paradise and the bad spirits end up in spirit prison. When they are reborn the soul gets united with the body. The Mormons believe in second chance after death. However the Catholics do not believe in afterlife and they believe that the souls will either go to Hell, or go to the God’s Kingdom. Before the entry to heaven the souls of devotees get purified in Purgatory before they enter Heaven. However in spite of all these dissimilarities both these groups believe in Holy Bible and in the rebirth of Jesus Christ.


1. In case of Mormons Holy Trinity are three different beings with one purpose whereas from the point of view of Catholics, Holy Trinity is three people in a single body.

2. In case of Mormons, God is a Heavenly Father who has a physical body and according to the Catholics God is Trinitarian and does not have a body.

3. According to the Mormon belief hell is a prison for the sinful soul. The Catholics definition of Hell is the absence of God in a person.

4. The Mormons believe in afterlife rebirth and second chances in life unlike the Catholics who do not believe in all this.

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