Mormons vs. Christians

Difference Between Mormons and Christians If you want to be a part of any religious institution then you…

Difference Between Mormons and Christians

If you want to be a part of any religious institution then you can be quite confused because so many religious denominations are blooming u all over the world. Similarly you may get confused between Mormons and Christians.

Christians are followers of Christianity which is monotheistic religion. This means that Christians believe in one God and their beliefs are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that God is The Father, son and the Holy Spirit and all the teachings of Jesus Christ are in Bible. Bible is considered as the holy wording from the God and Christians follow it. Christians believe that Old Testament and New Testament are written by people inspired by Holy Spirit.

Creeds are the statement of belief of the Christians. They also believe that everyone dies, get back to life and go to heaven.

Mormons follow and practice Mormonism which is believed to have branched out from Latter Day Saint movement. Mormonism is part of Christianity and Mormon Church is Church of Jesus Christ that was of Latter Day Saints. Mormonism is founded by Joseph Smith and is believed to be re-establishment of the primordial Christianity. Book of Mormon is the most respected book of Mormons and was published in 1830 by Joseph Smith.

Mormons believe in living wisely and follow a healthy way of life. All the addictive substances like tea, coffee, tobacco, alcohol are not allowed for Mormons.

Here are some differences between Mormons and Christians:

  • Christians believe in Trinity while Mormons do not.
  • Christians believe that Jesus was born to Virgin Mother Mary while Mormons believe that he was born naturally.
  • Salvation is forgiveness for Christians while Mormons believe it to be a way that gives you an opportunity to reduce your sins by getting exempt from penalty.

Religion is more a matter of belief and faith than a matter of comparison and logic. All the religions and branches of religious faiths ultimately connect you with God.


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