Moulds vs. Yeasts

Difference Between Moulds and Yeasts Molds and yeasts are fungus but both are different from each other. Though…

Difference Between Moulds and Yeasts

Molds and yeasts are fungus but both are different from each other. Though both are eukaryotic fungi but molds are multi cellular while yeasts are single cellular organisms.

Molds can grow sexually or asexually and grow from hyphae. This forms tubular branches but is considered as one single organism which carries genetic information. Cultured molds are used in making various food items like sausages and medicines as well but they can also cause allergies and respiratory problems.

Yeasts grow and multiply by binary fission which is an asexual method of reproduction. They are used commercially for making beer and some alcoholic drinks like Japanese sake.  We all are aware of the use of yeasts in making bread. Some yeast can cause diseases in people with weak immune system.

Two main differences between yeasts and molds are:

  • Molds are multi-cellular while yeasts are single celled microorganisms.
  • Molds are colorful but yeasts are not colorful.

Although yeast is used in production of food items but yeasts with high sugar level and low pH level can spoil food otherwise they are harmless. Prolonged exposure to molds can cause serious medical conditions including asthma and other respiratory problems and are harmful if consumed. In all the conditions it is best to stay away from them by keeping our home clean and dry.


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