Difference Between MPLS and VPLS MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) It is a Packet forwarding method, or we can…

Difference Between MPLS and VPLS

MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching)

It is a Packet forwarding method, or we can say, a switching technique used widely nowadays. For instance, let’s take a look at the internal postal system of a country. To make the classification easier we use a Postal Code. It is a trouncing system form one point to other point of a country. We use it as a mark to shift the letters in the postal backbone all over the country.  When the letters are accumulated they are classified by the postal code and are put in a bag marked with the postal code of the destination. It is easier than having to look at the addresses written on the letters. These labeled bags are then dispatched to the closest postal exchange. There they arrange the letters according to the addresses.

The same is the situation in IP networks. When the entry router of the backbone network receives an IP packet, it is labeled in a similar manner to that in a postal code situation to switch effectiveness. An entry router puts labels on top of every packet and it is known as an Ingress router in the language of MPLS. Label headers are mapped with applicable and significant factors of IP headers. Later these packets will be exchanged in the backbone network through LSP (Label Switched Path) which is determined by the core routers. The Quality f Service and Traffic Engineering attributes are made certain by Core MPLS routers that majorly do the switching function by using various methods. The transit routers switch labeled packets from one point to another and hence take over swapping function.

Egress router is the backbone destination router from where the packet is bound to take off from core network. It takes out the label and sends as IP headed packet. After that, the dispatching of the packets is taken care of by the IP routing to the IP address mentioned.

VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service)

An administered MPLS network offers a VPLS service amongst other services. VPLS is based on an Ethernet point to multipoint layer 2 VPN service that helps in connecting to a disseminated Ethernet LAN in a commercial network. VPLS has been introduced to broaden the Ethernet LAN service widely o different locations. With VPLS users can acknowledge Ethernet interface in the airspace between LAN and WAN for customer and service provider. The services in LAN and VPLS are similar to each other’s

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