MRI vs. CT Scan

Difference Between MRI and CT Scan People often question their doctors as to why certain procedures must be…

Difference Between MRI and CT Scan

People often question their doctors as to why certain procedures must be made for some specific treatment. More so, a procedure is recommended over the other by the physician. In this regard, two related diagnostic tests were scrutinized, not only because of their price, but also because of the benefits that patients receive on completion of these procedures. These are the MRI and CT scan.

From the perspective of body parts to be examined, the CT scan does not show the view of the spinal cord, ligaments and tendons (or maybe not at this time) clearly. Still, MRI is the ideal choice for this function. To see the tumor, an MRI is the best option. In addition, for other cases such as brain hemorrhage it is used, knowing the extent of cancer and pneumonia in the body, confirming the abnormal CXR box (the X-ray), the CT scanner is dubbed as the treatment modality of choice and not preference. It is also the reason why said device is the best in the examination of the lungs or body parts, because he can see the cavities of a much better way than the MRI.

The mechanism in which the two devices operate, is differentiated in terms of physics, or science involved. In a CT scanner, the device uses X-rays such ‘slices’ you in a way similar to how a knife cuts a piece of meat. An MRI, however, enjoys a magnetic field. This is quite an obvious statement, since MRI is Magnetic Resonance Reflecting. By using certain radio frequencies and the magnetic field causes the MRI done to resonate shaking effect to hydrogen molecules in your body, producing an image of the body part to be examined.

Finally, regarding the structure of the equipment, the CT scanner is donut-shaped and more sharply compared to the longer pretend MRI.

Still, the fact that the review of prescribing the two is necessary, is choosing your doctor. The use of each is the specific case and varies from person to person. It is based also on what part of your body must be viewed.

1. The CT scanner is the best procedure to use when viewing cancer, pneumonia, the cavity body and brain hemorrhage, while the MRI is best for use in examining the spinal cord, ligaments, tendons and tumors .

2. The CT scanner is a device consisting of more than donut compared to MRI, which is substantially longer.

3. The CT scanner combines X-rays to produce an image, while the MRI takes advantage of the harmony between magnetic fields and some radio frequencies.



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