Difference Between MRT and LRT Both MRT and LRT are the names of transport system of Singapore.  These…

Difference Between MRT and LRT

Both MRT and LRT are the names of transport system of Singapore.  These systems have been devised so as to facilitate transport services to the people. These systems are fast as well as convenient. These two systems are owned by a company known as SBS. It also runs buses in Singapore streets. There are many similarities and dissimilarities between the two systems. Let us discuss them one by one so as to find the difference between the two.


MRT stands for Mass Rapid Transit.  The system comprises cars joined together in a series that move at fast speed.  The aim of this system of transport is to provide an easy transport to the passengers to the long distances without the hindrance of traffic congestion during the day time. Buses are crucial in MRT service. The stations of the MRT are situated on far off places and away from the main areas. These stations are often underground. They are spacious having all the facility a station should have for the passengers. The total length of MRT route is about 130 km having 87 station en route.


LRT stands for Light Rail Transit. It was devised with view to provide facility to those who travel inside the city and has not go to the suburbs. This system aims at local housing schemes to provide help to the people in reaching different parts of the city. That is why LRT has more stoppages than the MRT.  The trains in LRT are smaller in size than MRT. They have lower speed as compared to the trains of MRT. It is because they have to halt at many stations.  LRT system was introduced in Singapore in 1999. It has now become very popular means of public transport in Singapore. Most of the tracks of LRT are elevated and saves a lot of space.


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