MS Outlook Express vs. MS Office Outlook

Difference Between MS Outlook Express and MS Office Outlook The Outlook Express and Outlook are the e-mail clients…

Difference Between MS Outlook Express and MS Office Outlook

The Outlook Express and Outlook are the e-mail clients of Microsoft that fall under the messaging products. Both have the same function but depend on requirements that can choose one of them. But in general Outlook Express is suitable for the domestic users and Outlook is suitable for official purposes. In daily activities MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express have huge benefits.

MS Outlook Express

MS Outlook is email client software to get your e-mails from the mail server. In the first few days it used to come with the Web browsers like IE 4 and IE 5 and later was combined with the operating system such as Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000. The Outlook Express is designed with the Internet Norms opened thus it supports SMTP (to send electronic mails), POP 3 and IMAP to go and get e-mails. (Difference Between the POP and IMAP)

On the top of these, the Outlook Express supports following technologies LDAP, HTML, MHTML, S / MIMED, NNTP which help us to read e-mails without getting worried about underlying technologies.

The Outlook Express is compatible with incoming emails from multiple accounts in the same application. You can configure the Outlook Express to accept e-mails from more than one count. There are a migration tools to import mail settings, address books from Eudora, Netscape or MS Exchange Server.

Microsoft Office Outlook

Outlook is a standalone application which is integrated into the MS Office and MS Exchange Server. It is integrated with e-mail, calendar, contact management, meeting and event management, resource management and limited personal task management. It is an ideal client for the enterprise users.

We can create rules related to inbox to organize the e-mail messages in a way which we want. Just like the Outlook Express, here also we can configure multiple email accounts in the same client.

If Outlook works with the Exchange Server, it offers workgroup information sharing, workflow management, the group and meeting schedules, public folders and resource management.

Just like the Express, Outlook  is also meant to support SMTP, POP3 and protocols of IMAP to support the Exchange Server or other Messaging Servers who supports MAPI (the Application of Messaging the Programming of Interface). It also supports LDAP, MHTML, NNTP, the MIME, S / MIMED, vcalendar, vCard, iClendar and full HTML support.

Outlook also provides the tools to import mails and characteristics of other clients.



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