MSC vs. Meng

Difference Between MSC and Meng Though both M.Sc (Master of Science) and M.Eng (Master of Engineering) are post-graduate…

Difference Between MSC and Meng

Though both M.Sc (Master of Science) and M.Eng (Master of Engineering) are post-graduate courses, they are quite different. The main difference comes under basic pre-requisites, time period, outcome and job availability. One is bound to have a bachelor’s degree in Science in any subject like Chemistry, Geology, Physics or Plant Biology. One should have at least studied any of the subjects as an additional or main subject in the undergraduate course.

For M.Eng, a B.Eng degree is required or else any other degree in any subject related to Science like Physics, Chemistry or Geology from a recognized institution. Admission is merit-based and on the basis of the result of the entrance exam conducted by the college. The time period in both the courses is of 2 years. The postgraduate program is either based on research or coursework. Selection to the former is done according to the ability of the student in producing a reasonable research scheme apart from the other conditions.

The two are different in terms of the outcome. After doing M.Sc, students are well-furnished with knowledge to any of the selected field of Science and become experts in their subjects.

However, after having passed M.Eng students are bestowed with enough knowledge regarding only certain field of Science. Engineering refers to the application of a field of Science.

Both M.Sc and M. Eng differ in terms of job availabilities also. With an M.Sc degree students are appointed as consultants, researchers, educators, scientists, assistants. On the other hand, students with an M.Eng degree work as consultants, architects, engineers, scientists and also as educators.


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