MSC vs. Post Graduate Diploma PGDIP

Difference Between MSC and Post Graduate Diploma PGDIP M.Sc and PGDip are two post graduate courses which show…

Difference Between MSC and Post Graduate Diploma PGDIP

M.Sc and PGDip are two post graduate courses which show some difference between them as far as their eligibility conditions, opportunities of job, results etc are concerned. M.Sc is the Master of Science while PGDip is the Post graduate Diploma.

The general prerequisites for both the courses are also differerent. A candidate willing to apply for MSc should have completed the bachelor degree in Science in the relevant discipline. He can also apply for MSc if he had studied the respective discipline as an additional or allied subject. A candidate who prefers to get admitted for PGDip in any discipline should have completed the bachelor’s degree in any discipline and pass the exam of entrance that is held by the university or college that provides the PGDip program in that discipline.

M.Sc should be over within the length of 2 years while PGDip takes 1 year to be completed. Some universities ate there who offer PGDip courses for a period of 2 years also.

A student who passed M.Sc is normally equipped with a solid knowledge of the branch of Science which he has learnt. He would be in a position to carry on experiment and research all alone. A candidate who possesses a PGDip on the other hand has additional knowledge in the branch of Science. He has to work under a specialist or another scientist as an assistant. If the diploma program is concerned with arts, he would be equipped with a solid knowledge of the complicacy of art.

A candidate who passed M.Sc is in general employed as a scientist, a research assistant, the teacher as well as an analyst while a candidate who passed PGDip in any branch of study can find employment as a teacher, a instructor or as a research assistant.



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