Muslim Rule vs. British Rule In India

Difference Between Muslim Rule and British Rule In India India in the past has experienced the rules, Muslim…

Difference Between Muslim Rule and British Rule In India

India in the past has experienced the rules, Muslim rule and British rule. British people ruled India from 1858 to 1947. Muslims ruled India before the British rule. The exact period of Muslim rule in India cannot be accurately mentioned. But they ruled India for centuries before 1858. There have been rules of different clans such as The Sultans, the Khiljis, and the Mughals.

British set up railways in India. It was Lord Harding who allowed some private entrepreneurs to set up the railway in India. The first rail ran between Bombay and Thane on April 16th, 1853. It was the first passenger service during the British Rule.

Muslims rulers constructed a large number of architecture marvel including the Taj Mahal. It were Mughals who constructed a number of big marvelous architectural designs in India.  Agra fort was built by the great Mughal Akbar. Shahjahan commissioned a number of monuments to be constructed The Taj and The Red Fort in Delhi are the main. Iltumish, a Muslim ruler of 12th century A. D. got the famous Qutab Minar constructed in Delhi. The Charminar in Hyderabad is also constructed by a Muslim Ruler.

Muslim were accepted by India. They influenced India’s culture and were influenced in turn. So, they lived and died as Indians. On the other hand British were not accepted by India and finally had to go in 1947 while Muslim Population remained in India as part of India. This is the main difference between British and Muslim in India.

Generally, there was a religious intolerance during the Muslim rule. On the other hand British were secular and there was a religious tolerance during their rule. But Akbar is an exception who gave equal respect to all religions.

The trade during the British rule was moderate while it flourished during the Muslim Rule. In the last part of the Muslim rule, economy flourished in India, while during the British rule it was never flourished. It was because there is always a hate between British and Indian while there is no such hate during the Muslim rule. Muslim treated India as their own country while British remain always foreigners. Another difference is that Muslim rulers were Indians while British were foreign rulers. It were Muslim rulers, that is the Mughals, with whom the British came to clash first of all in India.

There was always felt a need to free India from the British rule while there is no need felt during the Muslim rule. This is another difference.


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