MYSQL vs. Oracle Databases

Difference Between MYSQL and Oracle Databases Oracle Oracle is an object relational database management system developed by Oracle…

Difference Between MYSQL and Oracle Databases


Oracle is an object relational database management system developed by Oracle Corporation. The latest version of the Oracle database is 11g delivers the following services-

1. Eliminating of idleness of data center and maximizing availability.

2. It produces DBA double.

3. It consolidates enterprise applications.

4. It reduces the risk posed by change caused by the double DBS productivity.

Oracle Data Base comes in different editions. They are the folloing:

Enterprise Edition

The enterprise Edition of the data base provides reliability, security and scalability to the server for UNIX, Windows and Linux operating systems. It protects from human error, prevents server failure helps in planned downtime reeducation and site failure.  It also provides online analytic processing.

Standard Edition

This is affordable and full featured database system. In case of increase in demand, it can easily be scaled is easy to manage.  This version also includes Oracle Real Application Cluster. It can be easily upgraded to Enterprise Edition.

Standard Edition One

This version supports up to two sockets. It functions like the Standard Edition and can be easily upgraded to Enterprise Edition. It is a low cost system.

MySQL database system

MySQL is a database management system which an open source. Because of its ease of use, high reliability and performance, it is most popular system. MySQL is used for many latest applications built in Linux, Apache and PHP/Perl etc. Organizations like Alcatel Lucent, Google, Face book, Zippos and Adobe make use of system.

MySQL can run on more than twenty platforms. Some of the platforms include Windows, Linux, MAC OS, IBM AIX and HP-UX.  It provides flexibility. It has the following editions:

Enterprise Edition

This provides scalable online transaction processing database applications. It gives high quality performance. Rollback, full commit and crash recovery, row level locking are some of the facilities provided by it. This edition includes Enterprise Monitor, Query Analyzer and MySQL WorkBench and MySQL backup.  It also provides OLTP applications and high performance. It also includes InnoDB.  , Replication is also allowed in this database system to deliver scalable applications and high performance

Classic Edition

Classical edition database system is very useful for OEMs, VARs and ISVs which make use of MyISAM storage engine.  The classic edition requires low administration and it is easy to use. Yet, this edition is only for OEMs, VARs and ISVs. It can easily be upgraded to more advanced editions.


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