Myth vs. Fable

Difference Between Myth and Fable All of us have heard tales about unusual and bizarre characters and so…

Difference Between Myth and Fable

All of us have heard tales about unusual and bizarre characters and so have our parents and their parents. We call them fairy tales, myths, legends and fables. Myths and fables are mostly confused in their meaning. Here is an attempt to clarify such doubts.


In earlier times when there was no reasoning and proof that science has provided now, people could not grasp happenings like a thunderstorm, lightening, draughts and fire rains. As a result of their unawareness, they invented mystical stories that talked of unnatural things. These uncanny stories kept flowing from generation to generation and people were bound to believe in them as no one had proof to object. Myths mostly talked of superheroes having extraordinary powers and with every generation, the bizarre elements kept on adding.  The apprehensive and unaware people were supported by religion in enriching and nurturing these myths over their authenticity.


In the case of fables, we have animals and plants that can talk and are non-existent. These short stories have a message to portray so that people stop themselves from making specific mistakes. The aim is to drill into the people, good principles. For the kids, it is entertaining and influencing too as they see talking animals and that leaves an impression over their minds. It teaches them morals and ethics. The evergreen fables are The Crow and the Pitcher, Tortoise and Hare, The Lion and the Mouse and many more, which are still read by children.


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