Myth Vs. Legend

Difference Between Myth and Legend What is a myth? A myth is a type of belief that is…

Difference Between Myth and Legend
What is a myth?
A myth is a type of belief that is generally established over several generations in relation to certain facts improbable and surprising. A myth may have happened in reality and are not liable to be verified objectively.
Legend is a type of story which is traditional and anonymous, created within the village and, therefore is an expression of collective feeling. It is a narrative constructed and transmitted through generations. In this work, we use the term myth to refer to the falsehoods that exist in relation to sexuality.

What is a legend?
A legend is a narrative, oral or written, in prose or verse, looking more or less historical with greater or lesser proportion of imaginative elements. In the traditional oral literature legends are often mentioned in literature.

The myth is a narrative, from a symbolic language, it retrieves the origins, the world in its initial divine creation. Thus, the myth refers generally to the birth of the universe or the issue of how humans and animals were created and how their beliefs developed.

On the other hand, the legend is a traditional narrative or a collection of interrelated stories of situations that are historically true, but at the same time can incorporate elements that are fictional. The whole myth is estimated to be true. Legend combines both truth and fiction.

Another difference between myth and legend is that the legend is associated with a particular place and time. The myth refers to the sources, which are often out of time. Moreover, the myth is concerned primarily with the gods, while in general the legend portrays a human hero. There are also legendary stories that flourished in many novels of chivalry during the Middle Ages and were the inspiration for later writers.

Despite these differences between myth and legend, in both types of accounts is a common radiance: the imagination and reverence for the origins, and the magical and extraordinary existence.

Another view of the differences is this: The words often evoke myth and legend together, because the association of meaning between the two is almost spontaneous.

However, it is possible to differentiate between them. The legend is usually a wonderful story that sometimes has its origin in some historical event, but is often enriched by many fantasy elements.

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