Naan vs. Kulcha

Difference Between Naan and Kulcha Naan and Kulcha are Indian foods. Naan is a type of bread and…

Difference Between Naan and Kulcha

Naan and Kulcha are Indian foods. Naan is a type of bread and celebrated more. While Kulcha is a Punjabi bread and is made in Punjabi tradition. Both of them are equally delicious. They are prepared at various occasions like wedding, parties and celebrations. They are available all the times in restaurants and dhabas in India. Kulcha is commonly eaten with chhola. They are together mentioned in a menu as ‘Chhola Kulcha’. Though Naan and Kulcha are both bread, there is difference between the two.


Naan is baked in an earthen oven called tandoor in which coal is used for heating. Naan is a flat bread. It is different from roti. Roti is made of wheat flour. Naan is made from flour mixed with yeast or milk. It takes more time to bake than roti or chapatti. To make naan salt and leavening agents are mixed to make dough and set aside for a period of time. The balls of the dough are flattened and put on the walls of the tandoor to be bake. Naan is made more testy by spreading butter on it. Nigella seed are used for seasoning of Naan.


Making of Kulch involves the same process as Naan. One difference is there. Instead of wheat flour, maida is used to make Kulcha. In western countries it is known as Amritsari Kulch as it originated in Amritsar in Punjab. In fact, Kulcha is a variant of Naan. To make kulcha, mashed potatoes and pices are mixed with the dough, balls are made after rising and flattened, put in the tandoor and baked until they become brown in color. Like naan kulcha is served mainly with chhola. Butter is spread over kulcha to make it testier.


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