Narcissist vs. Egotist

Difference Between Narcissist and Egotist The narcissist and the egotist are both used to be stigmatized as undesirables…

Difference Between Narcissist and Egotist

The narcissist and the egotist are both used to be stigmatized as undesirables in the society. Both are people with psychological disorders whose growth in social relations is hampered because of the obsession of self love. Normal people tend to avoid these types of people to minimize confrontations; however, we can never be sure when we shall come face to face with one.


A narcissist is a person whose personality varies from being egotistic, to snobbish, vain and self centered. Narcissism is forged by Freud of Narcissus a character of Greek mythology who was the young man pathologically self-centric person who fell in love with his own manifestation in a swimming pool. Narcissists, most often than not tend to be loving or attracted in and sometimes uninterested towards critical state of others.


Egotists are people who improve favorable views of themselves. They like to be situated as the centre of their world without taking others into account. Egotists exploit sympathy and ignorance of others. Egotism is a ‘ me, myself and me” the syndrome which egotists forget that others also matter. They can react to criticisms by becoming angry, defensive or in some cases blameful.

Difference between the Narcissist and Egotist

The Narcissist and egotist are a bit similar. Both of them show love for themselves but a narcissist and an egotist have their own distinctive traits. Narcissists are egotists, but not all egotists are narcissists. A narcissist will say, “I really like and love” while an egotist will say, “I am better than you”. You see, narcissists have tendency to be more concerned with the physical aspects which due to over obsession affects on how they communicate with other people. However, narcissism in good health exists somehow. It forms constant, realistic self interest and mature goals which leads to the feeling of greatness to compensate for the feeling of insecurity and insufficiency. While egotists have problem in listening to opinions of others and evaluates their talents and achievements over others, they can really overcome and control this psychiatric problem with the help of self-help books and assistance of family members.

Nobody wants to be around a narcissist or an egotist, but it helps if we know how be with these people. Finally, they are people only with problems. The narcissist and egotist are both usually very smart. Therefore it can be difficult, but never impossible to take control and help them in their critical state.


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