Nationality vs. Heritage

Difference Between Nationality and Heritage * Heritage is something inherited at birth. This may be personal characteristics, status…

Difference Between Nationality and Heritage

* Heritage is something inherited at birth. This may be personal characteristics, status or right of birth and possessions.

* The national heritage is something which is transmitted from previous generations, a tradition. It can be valuable objects and qualities such as historic buildings and cultural as well as religious traditions.

* Nationality is the status of belonging to a particular nation by birth or origin, or sometimes it is the status of belonging to an ethnic group that forms a part of one or more political nations in origin or birth.

There is a marked difference between the two terms of nationality and heritage. Nationality refers to the country you came from and the heritage refers to people that you came from. Heritage has the connotation of the word ‘lineage’. Heritage is just the chronological representation of your nature or birth.

Nationality gives an idea of ​​the country you that come from. If you were born in England then you are called English. ‘English’ denotes nationality. You inherit the features of your ancestors and forefathers by nature. The heritage is quite natural. Nationality is not natural.

Heritage depends on the parents and comes naturally. Nationality means the nation you belong to. An American by nationality may still have European ancestors. Some of the historians are of the view that even if you become a citizen of another country and obtain citizenship of that country by naturalization, even then your nationality is the same. This view is slightly different to the views of other historians. They say that as soon as you get the citizenship of another country by naturalization, nationality changes, too. Now there are two views on nationality. If you are a scientist born in South Africa and settled in the United States of America having obtained their citizenship, so you will be called a South African born American scientist.

Heritage is to obtain features of your ancestors and forefathers. You may receive the traits of your parents too. We talk about the heritage of a country in terms of historical, cultural, religious and social developments that are made in the country. This is the heritage of the country which makes it great.


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