Natural sugar Vs. Added sugar

Difference Between Natural Sugar and Added Sugar What is the difference between natural and added sugars? Sugar occurs…

Difference Between Natural Sugar and Added Sugar

What is the difference between natural and added sugars?

Sugar occurs naturally in various forms in food. Fruit contains fructose and glucose that is bound up in cell structures in the fruit, respectively, fructose and glucose while milk contains unbound milk sugar, also known as lactose.

Typical refined sugar is produced mostly by chemical refining of sugar from sugar cane, where cane sugar is removed from plants. This form of sugar and other sugars can be used in pure form or added to food and drink. Sugar that is not found naturally in food and drink, but added to the production or cooking is therefore added sugar. It is important to know that variety of sugars that are covered by the category of “added sugars” are Sucrose, fructose, starch and other isolated sugar preparations.

Added sugar contributes to energy (calories), but little to the nourishment. Digestible carbohydrates such as starch, lactose, fructose and sucrose (Common sugar), is converted to glucose when food is digested in the body. Foods that contain natural carbohydrates will also supply the body with essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. The body has a minimum need for glucose, but can convert carbohydrates into glucose so that you do not need a supply of refined sugar.

High sugar intake suppress intake of other nutritious food. Health authorities recommend that less than 10 percent of energy needs should be met out of added sugar. This is especially important for adults with low energy consumption and children to ensure supply of essential nutrients, and to reduce the risk of caries (tooth decay) and obesity.

For a person with an energy of 2000 kcal per day, this will mean a maximum of 200 calories or 50 grams of sugar should come from added sugar. This is equivalent to one pint of lemonade.

To summarize the difference between natural and added sugars is thus as simple as that natural sugar found naturally in food, while the sugar is added to food during production or preparation. Foods that contain natural sugars it also contain vitamins, minerals and trace elements, while foods high in added sugar is most often very nutrient-poor and will only add the body with “empty calories”.

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