Na’vi vs. Human – The Difference Between the beings from Avatar

2009 marked a milestone in the movie industry with the release of James Cameron’s big screen hit, The…

2009 marked a milestone in the movie industry with the release of James Cameron’s big screen hit, The Avatar. It is one of the best and top-grossing movies of all times. The movie focused on the battle between humans and the Na’vi. In the future, humans discover a land called Pandora, and decides to conquer it because of unobtanium, a very powerful substance. There are certain differences between Na’vi and humans that are highlighted in the movie. The main difference includes physical appearance, the special abilities of each race, and the values they consider sacred.



The Na’vi has a blue-colored skin and a tail-like structure called tendril. They also have a different language and are about 4 times as tall as humans, with a height of around 2.7 meters. Other than that, their eyes, nose, lips, ears and other body structures are very similar to humans. When humans go to their world, they look like the Na’vi but the Na’vi still recognizes humans because they have a strong bond and can easily determine outsiders that try to interact with them.



Aside from being agile creatures despite of their height, the Na’vi is unique because they have the ability to communicate with other creatures and the whole planet. While this is depicted by other fictional characters in other movies and shows, only the Na’vi can communicate through the tendril – a tail-like structure that they can use to literally connect with any creature and with the planet in order to communicate with them.


Humans, on the other hand, as featured as being highly skilled and abled that they were able to develop special equipment to virtually mingle with the Na’vi and look almost like them. They are also able to develop advanced armory in order to try to sway the Na’vi to give up unobtanium, the thing which the Na’vi considers as most sacred.


Moral Values

Similar to what is happening in the real world, human are depicted as materially driven individuals that are willing to do whatever it takes just to get their hands on things and resources which they think would be able to further improve their well-being. Thus, they are willing and prepared to destroy the land of Pandora in order to further this goal, even if this means eradicating the entire Na’vi race.


The Na’vi, on the other hand, depicts a race that is used to having a simple life, but being able to constantly be in touch with other creatures and the spirits of the land. The Na’vi can be a representation of those who would like to rekindle the ties with Mother Nature and address issues such as global warming that will greatly affect everyone in the future.


Despite these differences, the movie ends with peace between the Na’vi and humans. This only goes to show that no matter how different the two races are, love and good intentions can bridge the gap and allow anyone to live peacefully and happily. The Na’vi will always be remembered even by future generations.


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