Netherlands vs. Holland

Difference Between Netherlands and Holland Located in North-West Europe, Netherlands is among the countries of the Kingdom of…

Difference Between Netherlands and Holland

Located in North-West Europe, Netherlands is among the countries of the Kingdom of Netherlands. It has its parts in Caribbean too. It is a monarchy with a democratic government and a parliament. It has North Sea in its West and North. Belgium is towards the south and Germany towards the east. The capital of Netherlands is Amsterdam. Often, Netherlands is named as Holland. However, out of its 12 provinces, south and north Holland also form a part.

The people, their language and everything associated with Netherlands is referred to as Dutch. The word Dutch is derived from the language ‘Diets’ that is spoken in Netherlands. It is known as Middle Dutch now. Netherlands is an efficient member of UECD, WTO, EU (European Union), NATO and also in the Benelux Economic Union made with Luxembourg and Belgium. It acts a host to numerous international courts and this is what has made it the largest capital of the world in various countries. Amongst the 157 countries where they follow the capitalist format of economy, Netherlands has been ranked in the 15th place. One fourth of the area of Netherlands is below the sea level and 21% of its population lives there.

Half of the area lies a meter above the sea level. It procured its land area through reclamation of land. Majorly the area is flat while few area have hill situated there. But these hills are low. Post the closure of Netherlands Antilles on 10th October 2010, the Caribbean part of Netherlands was included in Netherlands itself. Even though Netherlands is commonly known as Holland, it is not accepted to do so. The Dutch and others living in Netherlands, object the idea of referring their land as Holland. From the 10th to the 16th century period, Holland sued to be a political region that came under the rule of Holland court. With its economic prosperity and other successes in different field, it gained power to dominate numerous provinces of Republic of Dutch closer to the 17th century.

Holland only forms a part of Netherlands and it is wrong to name it for Netherlands. It is strictly disliked and offended by the public.


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