News vs. Information

Difference Between News and Information In this age of information we are bombarded with tons of it every…

Difference Between News and Information

In this age of information we are bombarded with tons of it every day. News, on the other hand, is specific information that is a communication in the form of print or electronic media. We read newspapers every morning or whenever we get time. They are a compilation of facts and information about recent happenings though newspapers also have sections where precise information about various subjects is also accessible to the readers. There are many who find the dichotomy among news and information puzzling as they do not find any differences. This article will attempt to find out these differences so as to allow people to identify a piece as news or information when they get or accept it.

News is considered to have originated from the word new. Any information about an incident, event, occasion, mishap, disaster, or even financial results of a company is measured to be pieces of news. You must have seen captions of breaking news running at the bottom of news channels on TV where they carry information about any event that is taking place at the same instant that another program is being beamed on your screen. Many times, broadcast of regular programs is stopped and breaking news told to the audiences if it is measured to be very significant for the viewers.

When you are on a railway station and do not have a clue concerning the timing of the train for your reason, you head towards the information desk where the person answers all your queries as he provides the information that you are looking for. Likewise in a classroom, all the knowledge that a teacher imparts to his students is essentially in the form of information that is destined to clear the concepts in the minds of the students.


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