Next Generation TV Technology vs. Applications

Difference Between Next Generation TV Technology and Applications The development in technology of TV with the addition of…

Difference Between Next Generation TV Technology and Applications

The development in technology of TV with the addition of smarter features has lead to a big screen experience of a computer on your TV. So in future manufacture will develop more applications for the TV or certain developers can even develop a source operating system opened for the TV so that one can write multimedia applications for television as well.

Today people talk so much about computers, the laptops, Tablet operating systems and Smartphone. Soon you will find people stalking about operating system of TV as well. The TV will have a central processing unit as well as a memory to carry out instructions and run various applications. Basically it is a hybrid device aimed to meet the needs of a computer and TV, both.

Mass media

News and the Channels of Mass media will introduce and let you know about the News Push notifications, News Feeds and eNews Paper and a lot more about  the Smart TV

TV technology for internet access

In future you can expect the TV to have LTE, WiMAX or 4G for Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity. This will allow you direct connection with internet.

Providers of Service

The TV will have built in functionality for establishing connection with internet through cable, DSL or with wireless network. The Providers of Internet services or content providers will provide IPTV or services like Video on demand. Other companies will also concentrate on developing contents for wide screen TV such as eLearning, remote learning and video conferencing.

The TV could also get a Telephone number for making video calls. Skype is already available for the Smart TV.

Applications for  TV

The developers of applications for TV will develop applications for the Smart TV just like the content developers. Since there are about one million applications for the Apple and the Android (Both), the operating system of TV will be made able to play of them or a separated box will be made available with the TV which will run android and result audio and video to the Smart TV.

Experience of touch screen

If you want to get the touch screen experience then you can have a application similar to remote control and run it on your iPad, tablet or Smartphone. These would have widgets and TV desktop just like you have remote TV desktop on your smart phones.

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