Difference Between NFL and CFL NFL (National Football League) is an American football league while CFL (Canadian Football…

Difference Between NFL and CFL

NFL (National Football League) is an American football league while CFL (Canadian Football League) is a Canadian football league. Though both are football leagues, there is an evident difference between the two. To observe the difference, a person has to watch the match taking place. Let us take out the differences between the two.

There are 11 players in the team of NFL whereas the team of CFL comprises of 12 players. The twelfth player in CFL remains at the backfield. So seven players stay on the offense and five players stay on the defense. Therefore, CFL has an extra player. The size of the field is greater in CFL, which is 100 yards, than in NFL. The width is 53 1/3 yards. The end zones in NFL are 10 yards while those in CFL are 15 yards. The width of the field in CFL is 65 yards.

Both NFL and CFL use white balls but CFL uses one larger ball with greater circumference. NFL’s white ball does not contain stripes while CFL’s white ball has stripes all over it. There is just a single time out after each half time in CFL team whereas NFL gives three time outs. The play clock, which is the resting time that an offensive team takes for preparing for the next game, is only 20 seconds in CFL. On the contrary, the play clock is 40 seconds in NFL.

A sudden death is used by NFL to declare the winner if in case there is a tie between teams. In case of CFL, two possessions are given out to each game in case of a tie. And if the teams still remain tied then the game is professed to be a tie. In CFL, the teams get one pint in case of a tie, but no such thing takes place in NFL. It is either losing or winning. Teams with the greatest score make for playoffs in CFL. In CFL, to make the first down, score a touchdown or kick a field goal, a team has to make 3 downs, while in NFL the team has to make 4 downs.

In terms of the money paid to the players, NFL is way ahead of CFL. An annual salary of a player in NFL is $770000. In CFL it is only $50000. This is solely why players from Canada anticipate playing for NFL. Apart from these, there are other minor differences too between NFL and CFL.


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