Niaspan vs. Niacin

Difference Between Niaspan and Niacin Niacin is vitamin B found in animals and plants. It is given as…

Difference Between Niaspan and Niacin

Niacin is vitamin B found in animals and plants. It is given as vitamin supplement. Vitamin B is contained in a number of nutritional supplements. Niacin is a medicine used as a treatment of the lack of vitamin B in the body. It is also used as triglycerides and chlorides in the blood. Niacin is helpful in decreasing risks of a heart attack in individuals with high cholesterol.

It is also used to supply the body with good cholesterol. It reduces the amount of triglyceride.  It is bad cholesterol found inside the body. Niaspan is known as nicotinic acid. In Niaspan, Niacin is included. Nicotinic Acid is found in various animals and plants occuring naturally. Niaspan lowers the level of cholesterol and thus reduces the risks of heart attack. It slows the prcess of hardening of arteries.

What is the difference between Niaspan and Niacin

People often get confused with niaspan and niacin. Both perform different functions. The way these are metabolized in the body determines their importance of effectiveness and their safety. There are two ways in which Niacin is metabolized. Its metabolism depends on the pathways followed by them . One way can cause liver damage while another way can cause flushing. The passage of Niacin in faster way can cause all these problems.  The slow working formula of Niaspan is helpful in releasing Niacin slowly wich prevents liver damage. Niacin is a definite amount of Vitamin B released in a specific time. If a person take Niaspan, it means that he is taking extra amount of Niacin. The aim of Niaspan is to reduce the amount of flushing which is caused by Niacin. Niaspan is used mixed with other portions of diedt but Niacin is used without mixing with anything.


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