Night sweats vs. Hot Flushes

Difference Between Night sweats and Hot Flushes Hot redness, or, as sometimes called, the hot flushes are two…

Difference Between Night sweats and Hot Flushes

Hot redness, or, as sometimes called, the hot flushes are two conditions which are mainly associated with women, especially during the menopausal stage. It usually affects about 80% of women. Hot redness is the rapid and unexpected, and induces the feeling of warmth in the upper body. It is usually the toes, rising to the abdomen, chest, back and head which have such feeling. The face, neck, upper arms, torso or the whole body turns red. It can even occur with sweat. The occurrence can vary from mild to intense and involves other sensations such as heart palpitations, anxiety and a sense of panic or terror. There are some women that can relax after hot flushes but for other women, it can become a regular occurrence during the day or night.

Redness hot comes as a reaction to the lack of estrogen in the blood vessels of the skin. These blood vessels dilate, causing an increased local blood flow. This is not the loss of estrogen, but the sudden drop of estrogen hormones. The thermostat in the brain, which is the hypothalamus, receives signals disconcerting hot or cold. This state undecided, causes unpredictable and uneven expansion and contraction of blood vessels. So the beginnings of redness and warmth are made and sweat is released as a defense mechanism to compensate for temperature increase of the body. This may take between 1 and 5 minutes. For other women, it may continue for several months or years. This can be activated by hot water bottles, heavy blankets, tea, coffee and spicy food. To overcome hot redness, you should wear natural fabrics, use a portable fan to cool, moist tissue freshen up and try to relax as much as you can. The hormone replacement therapy also stabilizes it.

Night sweats are hot redness arriving at night, but it might hurt more if it happens during the day, although this is rarely the case. Some women are disturbed from their sleep and, therefore, they meet with insomnia due to difficulty returning to sleep. This can advance to the fatigue and distraction. It causes the sweat on the back of the head and body. It could dampen pillows and sheets, as well as sleeping clothes. It happens from time to time without any underlying medical condition.

Some causes of night sweating are due to the climacteric (in women), infections, medications (such as antipyretic drugs, aspirin and acetaminophen) and idiopathic hyperhidrosis. Idiopathic hyperhidrosis is a condition in which the body produces plenty of sweat, without any specific medical cause. Symptoms include night sweats, unexpected and intense heat, irregular heartbeat, nausea, is to leave, chills and headaches. When a person is experiencing night sweats, it is suggested he / she use cotton sheets and change clothes to while going bed. Porting cotton light weight, clothes or bed of silk is best.Try to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages or coffee late at night, as it can cause the fact of night sweating.


1. Redness hot arrives unexpectedly at any time of day while night sweats usually happen at night.

2. Hot redness is a heated sensation in the upper body. Night sweats are the profuse sweat on the back of the head and body.

3. For hot flushes if the cause is decreased estrogen, stabilizing the cause, or hormonal therapy will prevent it from coming, while for night sweats, only the escape of heat producing equipment or food will decrease case.

4. Hot redness may advance to anxiety and palpitation of the heart, while the night sweats may result in insomnia.

5. Redness hot turn the face or entire body red, while the night sweats moisten the body with sweat.




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