Ninja vs. Samurai

Difference between Samurai and Ninja We distinguish Ninjas and Samurais as both warriors. But, did you ever wonder…

Difference between Samurai and Ninja

We distinguish Ninjas and Samurais as both warriors. But, did you ever wonder what may be their difference? What functions or arts of war they use?

Ninjas origin dated back to be around the 14th century while the Samurais started in the early 10th century. Ninjas used covert methods of waging war. Some examples of which includes espionage, sabotage, infiltration and assassination. On the other hand, the Samurais were those noble fighters. They had strict rules about honor and combat. They were associated with the middle and upper echelons of the warrior class.

Camouflage was one skill of which the ninja was best. Disguising their selves, they gathered information on enemy terrain, and as well as obtaining passwords. This was the chief role of the ninja, Espionage.

The primary form of sabotage which the ninja practiced was Arson which was the burning of infrastructure such as castles and camps.

Assassination is the most well-known method of which the Ninjas used. Deaths of famous persons have sometimes been attributed to the work of Ninjas, but the secretive nature of these scenarios has been difficult to prove. Assassins were most of the time been indentified as Ninjas later on, but there is no evidence proving whether some were specially trained for the task.

Samurais however, were well trained. The term Samurai originally meant “Those who serve in close attendance to nobility.” They held durable weapons such as the Katana (a long thin sword), Yumi (long bow), and even Pole axes.

Samurais were considered good for they were true heroes and lived their life according to their code, while the Ninjas were the bad ones, known for assassination and back stabbing.

You may wonder if who will win in a duel. Would it be a Ninja, or a Samurai? Apparently, a Samurai would win it. They endure strict trainings and are really dedicated with their work. Now, if you base both their skills, it’s very lucid.


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