Nintendo 64 vs. Sony Playstation 1 PS1

Difference Between Nintendo 64 and Sony Playstation 1 PS1 Nintendo 64 and Sony PlayStation1 are very popular home…

Difference Between Nintendo 64 and Sony Playstation 1 PS1

Nintendo 64 and Sony PlayStation1 are very popular home video game consoles. You may be surprised to know that these two companies had plans to collaborate in 1986 for a gaming console however they parted ways and both came up with their own play stations. Sony launched its Playstation1 In the year 1994 while Nintendo launched its 64-bit CPU based Nintendo64 two years later in 1996. Both these game consoles gave tough competition to each other and were known to be the best in the market at that time.

Both these devices sold all over the world and were loved by the game lovers but they had many differences between them. Let us see the differences between them in terms of processing power, variety of games offered storage capacity and price.

Processing Power

  • Nintendo 64 was 64 bit console while Sony PlayStation1 was just 32 bit machine.
  • Graphics and the colors were far brighter and vivid in Ninetendo64 while they were a little dull in Playstation1.

Variety of Games offered

  • Nintendo had lesser number of games in comparison to what was offered by PlayStation.
  • You could choose from 170 games including many third party developers while Playstation1 offered much larger number and variety of games including the sporting ones like NBA Live 98, PGA Tour Golf and NHL98.
  • Nintendo had special games in the category of action and adventure, which were its specialty. Some of them like Super Mario 64, Super Mario cart 64 and the dinosaur hunter became too popular.
  • Nintendo games were priced more than PlayStation games. You could get Nintendo games ranging between $49.99 and $59.99 while PlayStation games were available between $39.99 and $49.99.
  • There were pirated versions of games available for PlayStation which was not possible for Nintendo and this is why PlayStation was liked more by the gamers.


  • For storage of games Nintendo used cartridges while PlayStation used CD ROM


  • Nintendo 64 was priced $199.99, while the cost of PlayStation 1 was lower and it was available at $149.99.

Other differences between Nintendo and PlayStation1

  • Nintendo games had better access time while PlayStation games took much longer time to load.
  • Audio quality in PlayStation was superior to Nintendo because of CD-ROM.


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