NLP Vs. Hypnosis

Difference Between NLP And Hypnosis Anything and everything that is happening inside and individual’s brain is not understandable…

Difference Between NLP And Hypnosis

Anything and everything that is happening inside and individual’s brain is not understandable as our mind as well as our brain is quite a complicated piece. Each and every individual’s mind react differently and uniquely to a particular situation and thus we have people reacting differently to different circumstances especially those that are traumatic in nature. Some people are unable to cope with the trauma and they get unconscious while others who are mentally much stronger will take these situations as teaching experiences and continue with their normal life.

There are several such people, who lack self-confidence and their morals are supposed to be brought up every now and then in order to make them function properly. This happens due to the reason that such people are overly aware of their abilities and disadvantages and before trying to do any work, they make a preconception in their mind that they won’t be able to do the work efficiently. As a result what happens, they end up losing motivation from doing that particular work so as to reach their goals.

Psychologists regard that such happeningsoccur as a result of the work of our subconscious mind, which is nothing but that part of the brain, whose functioning cannot be consciously controlled by us. It is this sub-conscious mind that helps us stay away from any kind of harm, and that too, without our knowledge.

There have been several studies conducted by the psychologists that prove that the subconscious mind has a link with our own state of wellbeing which implies to the fact that our self-etseem, our motivations as well as our status in our life are all somehow or the other connected by the way we feel about the same. Experiencing an incident that is depressing also results in the loss of all hope as well as motivation in one’s life.

However, another factor that leads to the occurrence of the above situation is the Reticulating-Activating-System or simply the RAS in our brains that performs the function of controlling the cycles of waking up as well as sleeping and also filters all the information that the brain gathers, through our senses. This implies to the fact that anything that has been touched, seen, smelled, tasted, heard as well as felt with the aid of our sense organs are filtered so that we ultimately remember only those things, that are important to remember and register for the future. This situation can easily be explained by the following example- there often occurs situations when you are so drawn to a new musical tune, that you seem to be hearing it anywhere you go and this tends to relax as well as sooth your senses. But these things are not always helpful in man situations and as a result NLP as well as hypnosis are required.

Hypnosis pushesone to a metal state of serenity and helps you in clearing your mind. A psychological therapy of this kind leads one to clear off his mind from all sorts of worries that one has by following simple instructions. When an individual enters into such a state, he is asked to confess all the guil feeling or any other type of ill-feelings that are or have been worrying him for quite a while. As a result, one is able to lighten the weight that he had been carrying in his mind and as a result, he manages to lead a normal tension as well as an anxiety-free life.

The Neuro-Language Programming or rather NLP aims at identifying codes or even languages that hold the key to the roadblocks in our mind. In an NLP one need not be put into a trance like state and it mainly involves the proper establishment of communication with the NLP therapists, who then perform the function of identifying those languages or rather words of languages that tend to make you motivated so as to help you get over your inhibitions and ultimately make you perform in a better way and increase the sense of well-being in you.


1. Psychotherapy is all about reaching the sub-conscious mind of an individual and then ultimatelyboost the sense of self-confidence as well as well-being in an individual.

2. Hypnosis is something that brings a person to a state of trance so that he/she gets more aware as regards his own inner self.

3. Neuro-Language Programming deals with the identification and use of particular language or words that makes the person more self-confidant and his behavior improves.

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