North America vs. South America

Difference Between North America and South America One may ask what is the area separating North America and…

Difference Between North America and South America

One may ask what is the area separating North America and South America. They are divided by the Panama Isthmuses. On the two parts of America about nine million people live. In the biginning Panama Isthmus was a part of Souther side of America. But now it is the point separating North and South America.

Northern America covers the five percent area of the earth. It is situated on the Northern hemsphere of the globe. It is the third biggest populated area of the world. It comprises twenty three large and small countries. It is located in such an ideal geographical area that it is surrounded by oceans. It is ancient piece of land. It was discovered many decades ago. It is the home of a number of cultures and races. Spanish is mainly spoken by the people here. The area is ideal in every respect.

The southern part of the Americ is a piece of land which is ideal to live in. It holds about three percent of total area of the earth. This is the fourth most populated place in the world next to Southern America. There are some of the biggest water falls of the world lacated here. There are mines, plants, rain forests located here. It is a large area and has the most driest region in the world too. Its mountain ranges are also popular. The area is ideal for geographical researches. The financial conditions are well off. It has best services and major sectors which are flourishing.

The difference between the two regions is there due to their location. The Nothern America is located on the north side of the country while Southern America is lacated on the south side of the country. Their population are different in size. North part is more populated than south part. South part has more rainforests than north. It is also true of mountain ranges and waterfalls. The environment in south part is refreshing and clear. Northern part constitutes three contries while southern part constitutes twelve countries.


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