North India vs. South India

Difference Between North India and South India The differences between North and south India are unlimited and existent…

Difference Between North India and South India

The differences between North and south India are unlimited and existent that it would take a book to compile all of them. Therefore it is better to begin by considering different aspects.

Geographical difference

North India is in the lowland Indo-Gangetic encircled by Himalayas, while South India is surrounded by trays of Deccan and small hills. North India is surrounded by land while South India is bordered by the Arab Sea and Indian Ocean.

Climatic difference

The climate in North India is in general cool and dry in winters and very warm in summers while temperatures are high throughout the year in South India with high humidity owing to closeness to the sea.

Linguistic difference

Languages in North India have emerged from Devnagri lipi, while in the languages of South India have emerged from Dravidian lipi. There are once again regional differences in the languages in these parts of India.

Cultural difference

Having historically governed by the Aryans, Mouryans and Mughals, the culture in North India had several influences which are obvious in art and forms of dance as kathak, while South India was governed by Cholas, Pandiyas and so on and culture is known as the culture of Dravidians which remained uninfluenced by North.

Difference in costumes

Salwar kurta is used by the women in North India while the men dress up in the shirts and the pants, while in South India, the women dress up in saris and the men in dhotis. However, these styles have merged with western dressing and the boys and the girls in both parts of the country wear jeans today.


Cusines of North and south India differ from each other. Wheat is the basic food in the North, while rice in South India. The north Indian food is spicy and heavy, while the food in South India is nutritious and lighter. Non vegetarian north Indian recipes are also known Mughlai dishes. North Indians use more products based on milk, while South Indians use yoghurt more than any other form of milk.


Although there are Hindus in north and South India but they have different customs and traditions and have different idols or Gods. Even temples in both parts differ in architecture. The south Indian temples are more magnificent and bigger than those in North India.

Education and literacy

South India is more forward in terms of education and literacy. South India states have higher literacy rate than north India states.


South India is more developed and is planned better than North India. People in the south are in general soft while people are aggressive in North India.


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