North Korea vs. South Korea

Difference Between North Korea and South Korea North Korea and South Korea are countries in the Korean Peninsula.…

Difference Between North Korea and South Korea

North Korea and South Korea are countries in the Korean Peninsula. In origin a single territory of the Korean peninsula was divided into two countries after the Second World War when North Korea did not participate in the course of elections in South Korea which were held by United Nations.

North Korea

North Korea has communist dictatorship where Kim Jong II acts as the Head of state since 1994. The biggest city in North Korea, with the population of more than 3 million and is capital, is Pyongyang is which means ‘ the flat land ‘. Zinc, iron, ore, lead and gold are few of the natural resources which can be found in North Korea.

South Korea

After the Second World War, South Korea accepted the election which was held by United Nations and formed the Republic of Korea. Seoul, which is the 8th biggest city in the world with a population more than 10 millions, is the capital of South Korea. The existing president of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak, is ex-mayor of the city of Seoul. Almost 1/2 of the whole population has no religion. The growth of South Korea is incredible; in the course of 4 decades it has changed from a poor country to hi-tech country and an industrialized economy. Now it is among the 20 largest economies of the world.

Difference between North Korea and South Korea

The North Korean government is based on dictatorship while that of South is republican. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (the North) was established on September 9th, 1948 while foundation day for the Republic of Korea (the South) is August 15th, 1945.It is also the day on which both North and South Korea got their freedom from Japan. The Supreme Leader of North Korea is Kim Jong II, the son of Kim II – Sung whois the founder of the state of North Korea. On the other hand, the president of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak was ex-mayor of Seoul and was Chief Executive Officer of Hyundai Construction.

Owing to communism in North Korea, human rights are severely violated with so many cases of rape, torment, forced labor and more than 200,000 political prisoners. Many North Koreans cross the borders and move to China to avoid starvation and oppression. CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) considered South Korea to be a full fledged modern democratic country.


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