Notebooks Vs. Netbooks

Difference Between Notebooks and Netbooks As the vodka and water, they look the same, but they are different.…

Difference Between Notebooks and Netbooks
As the vodka and water, they look the same, but they are different.
Netbooks may resemble notebooks but, as mentioned, are not the same.

Most of the consumers who bought a netbook thought they would have the same performance as a notebook. Furthermore, within the demographic of 18 to 24 years, aimed mainly at netbooks, a resounding number of people say that they bought their netbook expecting a better performance.

Not surprisingly, some distributors of netbooks will experience a return rate of 30%.

Obviously, there is confusion in the marketplace about the functionality of a netbook. And you can not blame the consumer.

People love using their netbook to quickly check Hotmail or watch a YouTube video. But if they will try to perform various tasks such as downloading a picture or a document while watching a YouTube video, performance will be plummeted. Consumers should be aware of this before making their purchase.
In some cases, consumers may encounter problems even if they are just surfing the Web. Many Web sites now have video or flash content on the home page. If you are a parent who has bought a netbook for your child, try loading

As for battery life, we believe that the computer industry should help consumers make informed decisions.
There is a great opportunity in the market for a higher performance product that is affordable and lightweight to meet consumer desire for a small and powerful and at the same time, does not disappoint in performance.

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