Nuclear Fusion vs. Fission

Difference Between Nuclear Fusion and Fission In physics it is a principle that all events and actions have…

Difference Between Nuclear Fusion and Fission

In physics it is a principle that all events and actions have corresponding opposite reactions. It means that an action has always an equal opposite reaction. This too is basic of nuclear fusion and fission. Nuclear fusion and fission are two different types of reactions releasing energy. Fission creates smaller atoms while the fission combines atoms to form a large one. Both the processes are used in the world to produce energy to run power plants, submarines etc. Both of them are very dangerous if they are not used for peaceful purposes.

Nuclear fusion

Nuclear fusion means combining 2 or more atoms to form a larger one. Nuclear fusion allows the atoms to combine so as to create a larger atom of higher atomic number. When two or more nuclei are brought near a reaction takes place  combining  the atoms together. This process is called nuclear fusion.  Nuclear occurs in nature naturally. Stars in the galaxy are the example of it. Millions of stars have fused to become one to form the sun.

Nuclear fission

Nuclear fission is exact opposite of nuclear fusion. In the process on nuclear fission a larger atom splits in to two smaller pieces. The process of fission ivolves to steps. First, very slow neutron is necessary and second particular substance like uranium is needed in sufficient amount. The amount of substance is called critical mass. It depends upon the neutron. The example of nuclear fission is not found in nature just as nuclear fusion.

In the process of both nuclear fission and nuclear fusion a large amount of energy is released. The source of the energy in both the process is atom itself. Thus the process of nuclear fission and nuclear fusion is different and help us understand both the phenomena.


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