Nursery vs. Preschool

Difference Between Nursery and Preschool To make their child learn while being in playful and peaceful environs parents…

Difference Between Nursery and Preschool

To make their child learn while being in playful and peaceful environs parents have numerous options. Nurseries and preschools have been there for a long time now, but the importance is being realized these days with ever increasing rate of kids being retained at the kindergarten level. There is not much to choose among a preschool and a nursery as both are educational settings that are intended to make a kid understand basic concepts in colors, shapes and alphabets that keep him in good stead when it comes to opposing with other kids at the kindergarten level. However, there are differences that will be talked about in this article.

It is true that one does not necessitate putting his child in either nursery or preschool as there is no obligation in this regard by the law. In fact there were no preschools or nurseries only a few decades ago. It is only because of growing population and strong competition that kids face at the kindergarten level that has made parents aware of the meaning of these educational settings.

Nursery School

In more ways than one, nursery schools resemble daycare facilities. Though, there are rigid requirements by law in some countries like the US. Not only, nursery schools necessary to be registered, they need to uphold high standards of quality and are necessary to hire talented teaching staff. In UK, nursery schools are given great meaning by the government, and most of such schools get government grants to preserve high standard. There is realization on the part of the administration that character development takes place in these formative years of life, and quality education in playful manner in these educational settings goes a long way in making the personality of the kids.

There is no lower age limit in nursery schools and they start taking babies at a tender age of 6-8 weeks. There is of course an upper age limit as kids need to go to formal schools when they are 5 years of age. It is normal for nursery schools to have a particular unit to take care of younger babies, while there is teaching staff to provide educational stuff to older kids. There are no fixed timings in nursery schools and these schools may remain open as late as 8 PM to allow parents to concentrate to pressing problems and to let them inclusive urgent issues. Consequently one can find all sorts of activities for kids being organized in nursery schools apart from education. Nevertheless, the age limit and timing depend on individual institutions.


Preschool on the other hand, is an educational setting that has an exact aim of provided that knowledge to kids so as to prepare them for kindergarten experience. Though there is no set curriculum, care is taken to help kids improve their cognitive and motor abilities through various fun activities, while at the same time make them appreciate basic concepts in math, language and nature. Preschools have exact timings and are educational settings, where the focus is on helping a child gain sufficient knowledge to easily get in to kindergarten programs of reputed schools.


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