Nuts vs. Seeds

Difference Between Nuts and Seeds Nuts and seeds are very similar if we consider the fact that we…

Difference Between Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are very similar if we consider the fact that we gnaw at both but they are not the same thing and have sharp differences. Both can lead to confusions however nuts and seeds are different in appearance and also in nutrient contents.

Nuts are basically fruit of plants and they contain all the essential nutrients and natural goodness. They used to be eaten by people since time immemorial and they are a proven anti-junk food. Almond, cashew, butternut, pistachio etc are some examples of nuts.

Seed is covered by a coat called the seed coat and is a plant in the form of an embryo. It should be remembered that while all the seeds contain stored food, all of them are not edible. However some are quite essential as a part of our diet as they have essential vitamins minerals and nutrients and are good for our body. Some of these are peas, beans, cereals, grains etc.

It is true that both seeds and nuts are edible stuff; however their nutrient contents are different. While nuts are rich sources of protein, vitamins, fats and minerals; seeds provide our body with vitamin B and dietary fibers. While the seeds are in an embryonic condition, nuts are regarded as one seeded fruit.  The nuts can be a fruit or a seed however seeds remain enclosed inside a particular fruit. Generally having a thick shell the nuts are unlike the seeds that have a thin seed coat or sometimes shell as well.


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