Objective vs. Subjective

Difference Between Objective and Subjective Both subjective and objective terms differ in meaning. We call any statement which…

Difference Between Objective and Subjective

Both subjective and objective terms differ in meaning. We call any statement which is completely impartial as objective and the statement which is characterized by thoughts of the speaker is called subjective.

The objective is characterized by no previous experience of the speaker while a subjective of course, is characterized by previous experience of the speaker. It is important to note that the objective is verifiable, while subjective is not subjected to any such verification.

It is interesting to note that the objective is verified by carrying out mathematical calculations. Subjectivity, however, can not be tested by applying the so-called facts and figures. This is simply due to the fact that subjectivity is the reflection of the attitude with the views of speakers only.

When you take a balanced decision then you are objective in your intentions. On the other hand if nothing concrete is in play, you do tend to be subjective in the end. For example you tend to be subjective when you look at a movie once and you become one with the character you like most about the film. Subjective actually makes your experience more enjoyment.

On the other hand you tend to be objective when you are deep into discussions with people and you are focused on the theme of the discussion. During such times you should normally make statements that are impartial and factual in nature.

You tend to be objective while discussing a subject or idea that is concrete and tangible. You become subjective while talking about an idea that is not concrete and there is a lack of tangibility. It is very important to note that for being objective, the facts should also be solid and concrete.

In fact what is subjective is already in the area of ​​your experience and is a kind of past memory. It is thus important to know that the subjective conclusions are short- lived. Scientific facts and mathematical proofs are objective in nature. The views, versions, all interpretations are subjective. You will find that the marketing presentations are subjective.


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