Ocean vs. Sea

Difference Between Ocean and Sea It is said that ocean and sea are the same terms and means…

Difference Between Ocean and Sea

It is said that ocean and sea are the same terms and means the same but when considered carefully, they have some difference.

The most common difference between them is a sea is smaller than an ocean. Moreover, a sea is surrounded by lands while ocean is large in size.

It is unbelievable that world’s largest sea namely Mediterranean sea is smaller than the world’s smallest ocean that is the Arctic Ocean.

It would be more interesting to know that there are a large number of seas in the world as compared to only five oceans which includes the pacific, Atlantic, the Arctic, the Southern and the Indian Ocean.

One of the key difference between sea and ocean are sea is more shallow than the ocean whereas oceans are bottomless. The main reason for shallowness of sea is the surroundings of land around the sea.

The life that exists on the ocean and sea beds also differ. You can see plant life on beds of sea due to reach of light but it can’t be seen in ocean beds. On the contrary, there are basic forms of life like bacteria in the oceans.

The main reason for non-growing of plant life in oceans are that light cannot reach into the ocean due to its depth. The other difference is that man can reach sea bed by scuba gear but not in ocean bed.

The reason for man not reaching the ocean bed is that man cannot sustain the pressure on the ocean beds; but equipment like bathyscaphe can help them to withstand the pressure a bit.


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