Of vs. For in English Grammar

Difference Between Of and For in English Grammar Of and for prepositions in English which are commonly encountered.…

Difference Between Of and For in English Grammar

Of and for prepositions in English which are commonly encountered. Prepositions are always present and always used in a sentence. The words of and for are also two of the most often used prepositions, used to indicate a relationship between the objects or subjects.


Of is a preposition that can mean to refer to or relate to. It can also be used for distance, origin and cause. It simply means a relationship between two objects. An example would be:

• A lot of children have come to attend the choir today.

• I took a picture of you.

• Our dog died of cancer.


For, means for the duration of time as in hours, days and years. It can also be used as a preset distance and purpose. The examples using for as a preposition are as follows:-

• I have not seen my brother for 18 years now.

• I walked for about two or three hours.

• Johnny went to the doctor for his checkup.

The Difference Between Of and For

Of is a preposition that relates, while for is a preposition referring to time. Both are commonly used as prepositions used for linking subjects or objects in a sentence. Of is used to tell the purpose of an action while for is used to refer to the direction or distance. Of is used in a specific sense while for is used in a generalized or larger sense. For example: “the president will die for his country.” This sentence is specifically pointing out that the president will die to protect the country. “He died of cancer.” This sentence means that he died because of cancer, nothing specific.

Learning to use the words For and Of correctly in a sentence will help you to excel in the kn0wledge of prepositions. Although they are easy and very common, it is always an advantage to know what each actually and exactly means.


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