Opportunity vs. Chance

Difference Between Opportunity and Chance The words chance and opportunity are very often used in our daily lives.…

Difference Between Opportunity and Chance

The words chance and opportunity are very often used in our daily lives. Having almost the same sense, they are used in different contexts and have different uses. Many people tend to use these words interchangeably, which is a wrong practice. This article will try to accentuate the subtle differences between the words opportunity and chance.

Opportunity is a word that means some specific results that are now to be taken (up to lively gestures). For example, there are many job opportunities if you receive an MBA degree. This simply means that one can get many high paying jobs into their hands once they receive the degree of a MBA. There is nothing to luck or chance. When we talk about luck, we are referring to the chances of an event occurring or arising in the future. For example, there is an equal chance of a woman giving birth to a boy or a girl. We can never hope to install opportunity instead of a chance in this context.

Similarly, in a game of chance like roulette or poker, we always talk about opportunities in a game situation and never grasp the opportunity word. When you roll a die, you talk about the chance to receive 5 or 6 rather than the opportunity to get the results.

Chance and opportunity are both names, but where chance is a possibility, the opportunity is something offered by opening the circumstances.

It was after the sudden disappearance of the Cathedral Primordia that the Minister of Finance received an opportunity to become the Head of Government.

I met my old classmate by chance when I went to a movie.

When a doctor talks about the chance of a patient surviving a health problem, he has his opinion based on his medical condition. It takes into account the chances of survival. On the other hand, seizing the opportunity to take a shot is a type of a calculated risk.


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