Optical vs. Physical Mouse

Difference Between Optical and Physical Mouse Both optical and physical mouse are kinds of computer accessories that are…

Difference Between Optical and Physical Mouse

Both optical and physical mouse are kinds of computer accessories that are used to minimize the keyboard use and facilitate the simple access various functions. Using this piece of computer hardware, people can move, drag, select computer files, icons, folders etc.

Optical Mouse makes the use of photodiodes and light-emitting diodes to sense the movement on the surface. There is an optical sensor that helps the mouse to shift. The movement of the optical mouse is very quick and precise. This type of mouse can be used directly on surface as a result of which the mouse gets the capacity to detect motion on quite a number of surfaces. The movement is translated by the sensor into the cursor as a result of which the use of mouse-pad is minimized.

Physical mouse is operated by the hand as its movement is based on the controls that synchronize on the cursor on the screen. This mouse needs a ball (that can rotate on different directions) so that the cursor can move on the computer monitor. A mouse pad is necessary so that the cursor can move. This type of mouse is bit heavy and quite difficult to control especially when people buy cheap and old ones.

1.       As far as structure is concerned, the optical mouse is much lighter than a physical mouse.

2.       While the optical mouse has a sensor that makes the cursor move the cursor movement in case of physical mouse is dependant on the ball.

3.       The optical mouse doesn’t need a mouse pad while it is a necessity in case of a physical mouse.

4.       While the optical mouse can detect movement quite easily the physical mouse takes a bit longer to move as per the user’s liking.

5.       While optical mouse is a bit expensive the physical mouse is quite cheap.


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