Osteopath vs. Chiropractor

Difference Between Osteopath and Chiropractor Osteopaths and chiropractors treat physical illnesses in a similar way: they see the…

Difference Between Osteopath and Chiropractor

Osteopaths and chiropractors treat physical illnesses in a similar way: they see the body as a self-sufficient system that is capable of healing itself. Andrew Taylor founded the movement of osteopathy the way back in 1874, while one of his former students, Daniel David Palmer, jumpstarted chiropractic the movement in 1895. People who are unfamiliar with the way the osteopaths and chiropractors work incorrectly assume that they follow the same curative procedures. Finally, both use the same techniques to diagnose their patients: palpation, or contact and observation.

Both also found MRI scanners, urine test sample, blood tests and X-ray useful in making diagnoses. Yet, while osteopaths and chiropractors have similar diagnostic techniques, they have differing perspectives when it comes to treatment of physical illnesses. Osteopaths believe that the body is in an ideal state when two factors are made: first, the body must have a blood supply free flowing and the second, the conflict between the bone and placing the muscle may interfere with body functions normal and cause disease.

Osteopaths treat the bones as their medical devices by manipulating different ligament to heal a particular muscle, tendon, or organ. Osteopaths believe that the key is the ability to activate self-healing of the body is in need of bone manipulation. If osteopaths look up to bones as the means to heal the body, the look of chiropractors looks up to the spine and vertebrae to relieve assorted diseases throughout the body. The backbone is the ease of communication center of the body and all the nerves are connected to the spine and vertebrae to facilitate effective communication between the body and different organs. Because of the constant activity, the vertebrae can move in different directions, causing the communication of disorganized nerve that can result in pain and other problems in the body.

A different difference between osteopaths and chiropractors lies in healing aptitude. It was known that chiropractors cure the pain and discomfort, but we know that osteopaths providing treatment to more serious respiratory or digestive systems. Osteopaths use a number of techniques to awaken the body’s natural healing process, as the articulation of joint, soft tissue, muscle and the work of manipulation or mobilization. Popping the joints of the patient is a common procedure among osteopaths and an analgesic or pain relieving.

Chiropractors, on the other hand, focus only on a procedure they call as the fit. Chiropractors apply pressure to the vertebrae and move back to their position required. The adjustment takes several sessions, because although some vertebrae were allies, the vertebrae may not successfully follow suit and continue to be misaligned after a certain period. Osteopaths in general use more techniques that chiropractors, but that does not necessarily mean they are more effective than chiropractors. The only way to determine that the school costume treatment you are trying them both and determining which treatment will benefit the most.


1. Osteopaths and chiropractors use techniques similar diagnostic, i.e. palpation and observation. They are also supported by scientific data such as MRI scanners, urine test, blood tests and X-rays

2. Osteopaths manipulate the bones because they believe that by manipulating the bones they can trigger the mechanism of self healing of the body and alleviate pain, discomfort and even disease throughout the body.

3. Chiropractors, on the other hand, focus on the spine and vertebrae to cure diseases. By adjusting the vertebrae in alignment required, chiropractors can provide relief to the pain of the body.

4. Osteopaths use a wide range of techniques that manipulate the bones and have been known to cure digestive and respiratory diseases as well.


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