Ounces vs. Pounds

Difference Between Ounces and Pounds The ounces and pounds are units of mass used in the imperial system…

Difference Between Ounces and Pounds

The ounces and pounds are units of mass used in the imperial system of measurement, but when the world was switch to kilograms after the adoption of the metric system, some countries still remain loyal to the measurement system is what troubles many people. An ounce is smaller than a pound and both have traditionally been used for different purposes. Ounce is for measuring spices as well as precious metals as they are required in smaller amounts, pounds are used to measure fruit and vegetables and fascinatingly, the mass of people as well.

The ounce is shortened as oz which is derived from Italian word onza and but it should not be confused with Oz which is how Australians are referred to commonly. In metric system it is almost equal to 28 grams. However, the reason due to which people get confused is the presence of two types of ounces. It is the international avoirdupois ounce and the other one is the international troy ounce (used to the extent sometimes of precious metals) that is larger than the avoirdupois ounce of 31.1034768g and equal. Imperial system defines one ounce equal to one sixteenth of a pound, which is a fourteenth of a stone.

Now, one pound = 16 ounces

The Pound is considerably larger unit for mass measurement and mainly used for the measurement of fruits, vegetables and strangely, even the mass of people. it is a surprising thing that the Americans make use of the unit pound Pounds for measuring the mass of a person while using only British stone to do the same.




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